Proper FitPeople ask me why I conduct a Fit & Strategy Session before I consider working with any new client. It’s because of the type of support I provide. We work very closely together. If our communication styles are incompatible we will have problems. If our outlook on the world differs greatly, we will find ourselves butting heads and that is just not conducive to a smooth running partnership. And really, that is what working with an Administrative Consultant (or ACE) is – an ongoing, collaborative partnership.

Probably the most important criteria for me working with a client and a client working with me is Fit, or resonance. It’s that CLICK that happens when people meet and they walk away thinking “I like that person.” But really, it’s even more than that.

Let me give you an example from my first client. I love her to pieces, and we did click on many levels – but, I now realize, we weren’t really a good fit. She is very “short” in her comments/remarks and pretty much expects conversations to take place in “bullet points”. Some might call that rude, but that is NOT the case – she is one of the nicest people I know and runs a very successful business. But, I’m more social and chatty. I glean information I need from conversation and chit-chat, and that aspect of my personality drove her crazy… and eventually drove her away.

She told me the split was for financial reasons, but a year ago I learned the truth. It hurt, until I took a close look at what the relationship had been like. I realized that we really weren’t a good fit and I had not done my due diligence in the beginning. Our communication styles just weren’t compatible. Also, there were some insecurities on my side that caused me to be extra-chatty at times and of course, that didn’t help either. And I realize now, those insecurities were mostly because we weren’t “clicking” and I didn’t realize, at least on a conscious level, that something was wrong.

As you can see from the above scenario, it’s not just about ME being comfortable, it’s also about YOU — the client being comfortable with me. As I said, it’s a close partnership where we work hand in hand to make your business successful. And, truth be told, my business isn’t successful unless your business is too.

That covers the Fit portion of the Fit & Strategy Session.

Strategy is about me taking a snapshot look at how the business owner is currently handling their own administrative tasks. Then I can provide simple suggestions to improve those tasks by streamlining the processes and procedures they use. I try to do this with everyone, even if we are not a good fit and don’t end up working together. It is my goal that ANY time I conduct a Fit & Strategy Session with someone, that person leaves the conversation with valuable information they will find helpful in their business.

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