Wheelchair for Justin

Wheelchair for Justin


CC Hotchkiss is a friend of mine and she is running a campaign to get Justin a wheelchair that will help him work on the ranch! Please read, Share and donate if you feel the call. Link to the page at the bottom.

Hi everyone, I am doing this fundraiser to help someone near and dear get a wheelchair.  Twelve years ago Justin Hood was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident at the ripe old age of 16.  This was a freak accident, a one in a billion chance of happening.  Justin has been through five power wheelchairs, seems like every few years they die…buy parts to fix them is ridiculous price wise  He lives in the country and enjoys working outside.   Justin works a job outside the home, he drives and can work the heavy equipment on the ranch he lives on.  Justin has been a big help around here, we ran a horse rescue for a long time and he was/is the ranch manager.  He helped train abused and neglected equine find peace through his gentle touch, I believe the horses helped him also.   Justin is an amazing man, he gives everything he has to help those around him…his soul is golden.

He needs a wheelchair that will not limit his movement and one that can make it anywhere he wants to go…and not get stuck.  He did a lot of research, finding the right chair was the key.  This chair is amazing, not only can he finally get to place we all take advantage of, it will stand him up.  Can you imagine not being able to stand, looking at the world from the seat of a chair?  Now imagine standing, looking someone in the eyes when you talk to them.  He needs this chair, my goal is to help him see the world in a different way with your help.  Let’s help this big hearted person, who has helped so many stand tall.  Now, below in his own words why this chair would mean the world to him.

My name is Justin Hood, I’m 28 years old, I have been paralyzed for 12 years.  I broke my back when I was 16, riding my dirt bike.  Since then I have had to take on tons and tons of changes in my life.  From learning how to put my pants on, getting to point A to point B…but I am cool with that, I just keep moving forward.  Over the years I have learned and I sometimes do more than what people expect from someone with my disability.  I work for Home Depot and I operate heavy equipment on the ranch.  I love working outside, playing in the dirt, building things.  I was able to do so a bit with the help of my power chair, over the past ten years I have gone through five of them.  The problem is that the power chairs are made for the city, where there is very little dirt.  I live on a twenty acre ranch, dirt and rough slopes are all around.  The chairs I have had break down a lot and they are not cheap to fix.  I was playing around with the idea of building a track chair, one that could go on all terrain slopes, dirt, mud, snow and sand.  I started looking up parts, instead of parts I find a place that made a track chair that would do everything I was looking for.  The name of the companies name is  “Actiontrackchair”  So, I started checking them out, watched videos on YouTube and it looked awesome, you can’t get stuck!  This is a big problem with the chairs I have had, I am constantly having to get someone to help me get unstuck…not fun.  If I was able to get the track chair it would help me do things around the ranch, to be able to get to places I haven’t been to in a long time, like the beach, I haven’t been in sand for twelve years.  Another important part of this track chair, it will stand me up which would be the best part.  I would be able to look at the world standing up, not looking up at the world.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

[Link to the Chair] http://www.actiontrackchair.com/Default.aspx#.U_BMl8Ig-M8


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