Sphinx Moth at Cold Harbor National Cemetery in Mechanicsville, Va 41
Note: This is the same type of moth, but not the same Moth and these wings are open!

Anyone that knows me personally (or has read my old blog!) knows I’ve got Mottephobia, the fear of moths. I’ve worked to conquer it but I’m still not there – better, but not there… yet. 

Last night while dog-sitting for my parents I opened the door to let the dogs out in flew this giant moth (okay, not giant but, with wings closed, it was almost 2” from wing tip to wing tip – In my book that’s BIG!). Normally this would cause me to flee and only return after someone ELSE had removed the “deadly creature” from the house. But last night I screwed up my courage and dealt with the problem myself.

First I left the room. Then I realized he wouldn’t go outside until all the lights were off, and only the light outside being enough to draw him back out the door he entered. I went to the front door and turned off that light. Then I reached over the pony wall between the hall and the family room to turn off the lamp nearest to where I had been sitting. Without taking my eyes off of the “fluttering fiend” I finally screwed up my courage to turn off the overhead light. I had hoped the moth would head towards the windows and I would hear him against the transom over the door. (I realized that the sound I had heard earlier had not been the dogs wanting out, but the moth beating on the outside of the window trying to get into the light.) When that didn’t happen I worried that the outside light, an LED, just wasn’t bright enough. I walked back through the kitchen and over to the door. I turned on a very, very bright light and aimed it out the door.

No moth — had he escaped?

I then realized there truly is something worse than a moth in the room. It’s wondering if there is STILL a moth in the room! I turned the overhead light back on, hoping to attract it back to the middle of the family room. Nothing. Finally, out of the corner of my eye, behind the cushion I had wedged behind my back earlier in the evening I saw a speck of grey. Was it the moth, or just the tag from the pillow?

I walked down the dark hall and peered over the wall. Great. It WAS the moth, and he wasn’t moving!

Now just because I don’t like them, I don’t deny them the right to exist. Killing him was not an option in my book. Removing him was absolutely necessary. With my heart beating fast and furious in my chest, I located a mason jar with lid and once again screwed up my courage to face and vanquish the deadly dragon…err… moth. I put the jar over him, got him to move into it, and then slid the lid over the top. I turned off the lights, opened the screen door and tossed his little fuzzy butt out!

I always feel so foolish coming down from an adrenalin rush from dealing with a moth. But I also felt great, and rather proud of myself that I dealt with him logically, successfully and without screaming (yes! like a girl!).

I headed to bed shortly after and I wondered how many other things I had been afraid of and had faced. To be honest this blog is one of them! I also wondered how I could step out of my comfort zone and slay the dragons that have slowed me down in my business.

What dragons have you slayed?  What ones do you need to face?

PS – Before it got dark today, I shut the screen door with the doggy door in it so the dogs could go in and out hopefully without letting fuzzy flying creatures in. As I was buttoning up the house to come home for a few hours, I noticed my “Friend” sitting on the screen. I bent down and blew on his belly to make him fly away. My heart didn’t pound at all!

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