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This post was inspired by an Equine Rescue that had their loooooong PayPal Donation link in a Facebook Post. I thought to myself, that would look so much better if it were a redirect link.

What is a Redirect?

It’s a page that goes to another page. Let me give you an example. if you go to it will direct you to The Equine Admin’s Facebook page at¬†

150px-Tetris_animationI have the same thing for Twitter and LinkedIn. Go ahead and try the link, it will open in a new window… I’ll wait!

Oh good, you’re back!

I was playing a little game while you were gone! ūüėČ

If I were a 501c3 I would do the same with a PayPal link that¬†I could use for Social Media posts or in Email. It’s also an easy way for you to verbally tell the person holding your business card how to find you on Social Media. “Just go to slash ‘Social Media site'” and they are there! Most importantly:¬†It keeps your branding on everything.

I use a WordPress plugin to do this:¬†Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin. It’s easy-peesy! This is right below every post or page and if you want to do a redirect you just click those buttons as I’ve done here. I write on the page, “This page redirects to” so if they DO have a problem, they can click the link.


You need to add the Plug In Exclude Pages from Navigation, or something similar¬†so the redirect won’t show up in your navigation. (WordPress says it hasn’t been updated, but it still works great for me!)¬†Now if your site is something other than a WordPress blog, I’m going to direct you to another site:¬†How to Redirect a Website¬†for further assistance.

OR you can ask your web person to do it for you.

Just be sure to have your URLs written down, preferably in Word, Wordpad or just Notepad. If you are paying by the hour this will save you money. The links can be copied and pasted into the HTML, PHP, JavaScript… what have you!

I hope this helps YOU to look more professional. And I would love to hear your thoughts and or answer any question you have about how to do this with WordPress.

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