Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, I’m aware that it is the end of January! I’ve spent the last 6 weeks really focusing on where I am and where I want to be. This isn’t a New Year’s resolution (I started in December!) but rather something I’ve been searching for to help me improve who I am in the here and now.

Girl in ThoughtI’ve started a morning meditation. And I’m practicing Mindfullness Meditation throughout the day. It’s not a religious or spiritual thing, it’s about retraining my brain to think about things different, to uninstall old – outdated programming and program my mental hard-drive with new, positive affirming thoughts. I’ve spent more time studying, and far less time on social media.

I would like to share a few tidbits I’ve picked up along the way.

Words are a Catalyst for Action.

I found myself saying things like: “My back is killing me.” And then I realized, I don’t want my back to kill me, so I’m going to STOP saying that!

And I probably should start saying, “I’m so thankful my back, legs and feet really support me!”

…and the biggest one from Vishen Lakhiani, the Founder of MindValley:

Be Happy NOW

Happiness is what propels our visions and transmutes them into reality. But you have to be happy NOW.

When you are dreaming about the future, you cannot say: “I will be so happy when ______________ happens.” All that does is postpone your happiness. Look back on where you have come from, look at the now and be happy where you are.

And do you know what the secret to happiness is? It’s connections with others and…

GratitudeVintage Valentine

I’ve long known that Gratitude is the best Attitude to have, and I have started Gratitude Journals and stopped and started them again many, many times.

But now, I’ve decided I’m going to start telling people (out of the blue) how important they are to me and send “Love” letters to different people during February.

The idea came to me based on something MindValley does every year the week before Valentine’s day. They call it “Love Week” – Isn’t that GREAT? You can learn more about what they do here: http://www.mindvalley.com/culture/love-wee

I know this is not my normal type of blog post, but I wanted to let you take a peek at what’s going on in my world. And maybe this will help you in yours!

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