FACEBOOK TIP: Friends -vs- Followers

Recently a lot of people have been commenting that they are seeing people commenting on their posts that they do not know and friend requests being accepted that they did not send. Others have been getting what I call “Mash Notes” for suitors in their Message folder (under OTHER). Since I have had my FB page wide open — until today — I decided to investigate. I went through every single friend on my list 749 to be exact. Except for a few that I no longer associate with, had died, left FB or were just advertising their products or services I kept most of mine. I did pare the number down to 723. Not a lot! Most were old duplicates and people who no longer had accounts!

So I dug a little deeper. I knew I had my followers set so that anyone could follow me. So I went to SETTINGS and then clicked on FOLLOWERS on the left.

Followers 1


I was surprised to see that the vast majority of the people that were following me were folks that had sent me “Mash Notes”. At the top of the list was a guy who sends me friend requests twice a week. You would think that my deleting them would be a clue, but I guess not. (For those NOT in the know, I am in a relationship and we are planning to marry, eventually.) Anyway, given who most of the folks following me were, I decided to limit followers to friends.

If you have done the same, here’s how to change it back:

1. Click on the little down arrow in the top blue tool bar to the far right of your name

2. Select SETTINGS

3. Click FOLLOWERS on the left side

4. Change from EVERYONE to FRIENDS


Followers 2

This still does not address the original concerns, and as for now, I have no answers. But for some of you, this might fix your problems.


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