FACEBOOK GAMES: How to Block Them

This is not a “Quick Fix” to get rid of all the games in your feed. But, if you are consistent, it will only take a couple of months to really cut down on the number of app requests you receive. Now I get 1 about every 6 weeks (if you average them out!).

When you receive a notification that someone wants you to play or use __________ app,
DO NOT CLICK ON THAT NOTIFICATION, continue doing whatever you want and ignore it!


Then, when the mood strikes,
click on the app center to the left of the Newsfeed (your HOME page).

Image5 There you will find all sorts of enticements.  IGNORE THEM! 🙂

On the lower left, you will see Requests.
Click it and it will bring up the games that someone has suggested for you.


Go to the request(s) and CLICK the X in the upper right corner.


 Once you click the X you should get another box asking if you want to block the person or block the app.
I’m assuming you LIKE this person, so select block the app.


 Click to Confirm.

Image9 From that point on you will get no app requests from that SPECIFIC APP.

Bye-Bye App!

Do the Happy Dance!

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