FACEBOOK: Avoid Being Hacked – And What to Do if You Are

You have probably seen a Facebook post that starts out like this:
WARNING EVERYBODY ….New type of hackers on FB. What they write is aggressive and insulting. It’s really nasty, and it appears to come from you…
How do you avoid this and what can you do if it happens?

First you should know; Facebook Hackers and Spammers like to strike on Holidays and on weekends. (Since I manage many pages and groups, this trend is pretty obvious!) So be especially vigilant on those days! But don’t let your guard down during the week — they do it on other days too!

You can protect yourself in several ways:

  1. Look at Your Own Timeline. You might be surprised how many people never do that! Scroll down and see what is posted there. If you see things coming FROM you that YOU didn’t post. Change your password and follow the instructions in the link at the bottom of this post.Timeline
  2. Check Your Activity Log. Click on the Activity Log button in the lower right of your timeline photo area. Scroll down and see if there is anything there that was “posted by you” but that YOU did not actually post.Activity Log 001Activity Log 002
  3. Vet Your Friends. Don’t just blindly accept anyone as a FB friend. Go look at their page.If they don’t have a profile picture, that is your first red flag. (I have a couple of friends who prefer to be incognito with no profile picture – but I know them, IN REAL LIFE!)
    1. Scroll through their About Page and Timeline. If it’s a wasteland (and you don’t know them personally) choose to ignore. In my book, if someone wants to be my friend, their stuff should be visible enough that I know what they are about.
    2. How many friends do you have in common? Do they have a common thread — something that this person appears to share? (Or do they all just have one person in common – someone whose friend’s list is perhaps being exploited?).
    3. Is this someone who has commented on and/or participated in conversations on other friend’s posts? This is the best way to screen and know who to allow as a new FB Connection.
  4. Get Feedback from Friends. Ask friends to tell you if there is something weird posted from you. You would think this would be obvious, but it’s not. Make sure a few of your closer friends, who regularly read your posts, have other ways to contact you if they see something weird.
  5. Be Cautious of Friend Requests from Someone You are Already Friends With. If someone you know wants to friend you with a new (different) FB page, check with them at the old page first! (Message them or better yet, send an email.) This is one of the easiest ways for scammers to spread their garbage and infiltrate groups of friends.
    1. If you discover this has happened to you or someone else, report it immediately! But only if you are sure. Things happen and sometimes someone needs to start over with a new account.

EXAMPLE: I have a friend who just got fed up with the drama and wanted out all together. But there were a handful of his friends he wanted to keep. He announced he was shutting down his FB page the following weekend and allowed people to message him, if they wanted to stay in touch via email or whatever. He opened another account under a different name and then sent requests to his close friends. Normally I would have been skeptical, but he sent me a message letting me know it was him. He sent me info that no hacker would know but immediately let me know it was really him. Had I not “got it” make no mistake, he would have called me, LOL.

If you have been hacked or discover that stuff that you didn’t send
is showing up on friends’ Timelines (make no mistake this can happen!)
CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD and contact Facebook right away!

Keep this URL handy just in case you cannot access your own
Facebook page or to contact them about this type of abuse.
If you lose it,
Google: Hacked Facebook Account.


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