Facebook 101

A lot of people have asked me questions about Facebook. They want to know how to do lots of things. I’m going to try to answer as many questions as I can, (over many posts!) starting with the basics. This is an overview with a little detail about notifications and getting through them quickly. It’s a bit “longish” but I wanted to keep the foundation elements all together. So shall we get started?

In the search box you will find your name, and if you click the search icon (or hit enter) it will give you options about yourself. Go ahead, check them out, I’ll wait here!


Did you  learn anything new? 😉

You can type in someone else’s name and find people with that name and find things about them.


You can leave the box empty and it will give you choices like: People I may know, Games, Restaurants, Movies, etc.


The next icon to the right of the search box is the friend request option. If you have people that want to be your friend, a number will appear and their names will show up. Nobody wants to be my friend right now, so you will have to use your imagination! 😉


Next to that is your INBOX (but just to confuse you, it’s also your OUTBOX) It’s where messages show up when you are away from your computer (or when you are ignoring someone). When you send a message to someone it will show up in the queue as well.


The third Icon is the notifications icon. Don’t let that high number of notifications get you all frazzled. There are a LOT of things you can just ignore. Also be aware, old stuff up there does not go away. It’s always there – up to about 100, that is! The new, unread stuff is highlighted in blue (very light blue – so light that sometimes it looks white). The stuff at the top is the newest.


How to get through your notifications quickly. I prefer to do it chronologically. If you want to start at the top and work down, that’s fine too.

Here is how I do it: I click on the notification icon and go down until I run out of blue. Then starting at the bottom I work my way up. Facebook will return you to the same positions UNLESS someone posts something and you are notified. In that case you need to scroll back down. (That last bit is one I find very annoying!)

I don’t click on everything. For example if someone LIKES or SHARES something I posted. Woohoo… MOVE ON! If they have commented with “That’s cool” or “how sick!” or maybe “Wow” (you get the idea) something short and sweet that you can see that IN THE NOTIFICATION area – no need to click, and you can MOVE ON! There may be a post where you don’t really care what other people have to say. For example, a FB friend lost a pet and you expressed your condolences. You know most of the other posts will be doing the same. You don’t necessarily need to read them all. (Of course you can if you want!)

I skip game requests, and contests – usually one’s I’ve seen and don’t want to see again and/or participate in. You know the ones that say, “Share this every day in January for a chance to win — the more shares the more chances.” If you have no interest, don’t click it!

Here are the icons used in the Notifications area. It will help you know what each one is (Like, Comment, Invitation, etc.)

 Friend's post notificationFRIEND’S POST NOTIFICATION 

CommentsA COMMENT ON YOUR POST (Link or Picture)

LIKELIKE – Someone liked what you posted



RssRSS FEED POST – Blog posts are often posted to Facebook via RSS (Rich Site Summary)

ShareA SHARE – When someone share’s what you have previously posted

The next link is “Home” and it is your News Feed – where the things your friends share shows up.

Did you know you can sort your Home page? Above the first post is the word sort. Click it and it will most likely be on TOP STORIES, but you can change it to MOST RECENT. It will NOT stay on Most Recent, so you will have to do this from time to time.


Clicking on your name will take you to your Timeline. This used to be called your Wall, but it has been transformed in recent years to show a timeline of your activities. You have your Cover Photo, and your profile picture. The latter is what shows up in your posts in the News Feed and other places too.


To the right of your timeline is the lock icon which is a shortcut to your privacy settings.


And to the right of that is your settings.


I will cover the details of your Timeline, Privacy Settings, Chat, the continuous stream on the right (I’ll find out what it is officially called too) and other Settings in later posts.

But I will give you my personal rule (and advice) about Privacy. If you don’t want people to see it, DON’T POST IT ON THE INTERNET, ANYWHERE … EVER!

Soap Box

If you would prefer that only certain people see it, you can share with those people only. But there is never, EVER a guarantee that others won’t be able to see it down the road. KEEP THAT IN MIND… ALWAYS.

Oops… stepping off that soapbox!

I will try to go into depth about Facebook (or FB, a common abbreviation) in other posts. And I will always try to answer any questions you have about how FB works (either personally or in a blog).

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