How I work:

I only consult with those who are serious about getting help in their business, letting go of the work and are making enough money already to easily afford a top-notch administrative professional.

During our One-on-One Fit and Strategy Session, I will be asking questions about you and your business. We’ll talk about your specific needs and we’ll take a look at what is draining your time and energy to see where I can help you best. Of course I will answer any questions you might have at that time, and I’ll try to give you some tips and tricks that will help your business run smoother – even if we never work together.

OfficeContact Info:


Phone: (951) 282-7485
I may just answer “Hello!” as business calls forward to my home and cell phones!

Due to an insane amount of nuisance phone calls, I no longer return calls if no message is left.

Office Hours: Generally 9-5 Monday – Friday

You can also find me on
Facebook and LinkedIn most days.