Closing the Barn Door (Part 2)

First of all, thank you for your patience. This post has been a long time coming. I received some personally upsetting news that really put me into a tailspin. I just couldn’t think clearly enough to write – no creative juices. I’m still dealing with the issue, but my head is a bit clearer than it has been.

Here in Southern California we have 5 seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fire. This year, however, we had fire season early and that was, in part, what I had planned to discuss several weeks ago. Since we may have more fires this year I would like to tell you about a company run by a Facebook Friend. It’s called EquestriSafe LLC.

EquestriSafe Before Emergencies Happen

EquestriSafe is all about providing products to keep your horse (and you) safe in all sorts of situations.


Multipurpose Collar
Multipurpose Collar

In an emergency, many people have to turn their horses loose as there is just not enough time to get the animals loaded during an evacuation. Clearly this is not ideal, but it is often a reality. EquestriSafe makes many ID collars and fetlock bands with your contact information. The multipurpose collar provides identification, a reflective band for safety at night and has a 100 – 150 lb breaking point for safety. They even have rescue information for both you and your horse along with a consent to treat form, should you ever be unable to respond. (I have one like this for my car, attached to my seat belt!)

First Aid

They have first aid kits in all sizes for trail rides or for large barns. They also have kits for humans – specifically designed for working around horses, dogs, cats and other barnyard critters. They even have an Equine Rescue Airway product. It seems that most of the time when  horse gets bit by a rattle snake, it’s always on the nose! Silly critters, gotta look down to see what that thing is rattling around their feet. Then BAM! they get nailed right on the nose. Rattlesnake anti-venom is made from horses, so full sized horses seldom die from the bites, but the swelling the accompanies the bites can cause asphyxiation. Since horses cannot breathe through their mouths like we can, and often die from lack of oxygen due to swelling, these Rescue Airway products could be a God-send!

For the Trailer

EquestriSafe LLC has all sorts of nifty reflective decals for your trailer. They also have DOT approved reflective strips and Caution: Wide Turn signs. They also have emergency kits specifically for the horse trailer.

Please take a moment to check these items out. They are all designed to keep you and your horses safe – Before Emergencies Happen!

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One Response to Closing the Barn Door (Part 2)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I do this for the horses and owners so that people will be prepared before emergencies happen.