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But I Can do it Myself!

Not Another One!Small solo-business owners, and especially horse people are an independent lot. We tend to wear a lot of hats and only want to give up control to people who can do the things we cannot. Bookkeepers, Lawyers and Web Designers top the list. When we do give up control, it’s to do things we dislike or feel that anyone with just a basic understanding can handle. Many times we feel those “chores” are beneath us. Examples might be hiring someone to do light house keeping or muck out the stalls or even feeding (hay only!) to the horses. Administrative work often falls into that category too.

However, too often we say to ourselves, “I don’t need to hire someone to do that, I know how to do it myself.”, I know how to do a tune-up and change the oil in my car. I also know how to change and rotate tires. But, I don’t do it myself because I can hire someone that specializes in automotive repair to do it for me. They can do it in less than an hour when it takes me the better part of a day to do it. I don’t get dirty and I don’t end up with skinned knuckles (something that seems to happen EVER TIME I work on a car!). And because they are specialists, they have the facilities to dispose of the oil and used parts. Also, if something else is amiss, they are far more likely to notice it.

Hiring an Administrative Specialist is a lot like the example above. You might be able to do what I can do for you. But I have the tools and the expertise to do it faster, often better, and with little to no fuss or muss!

So the question then becomes, “Should I be doing it?”

In order to answer that question you need to ask:

  1. Does it directly generate income for me and require my participation?
  2. Does it take up time I could be using to generate income?
  3. Could someone else do it faster and more efficiently than I can?
  4. By NOT doing this could I eliminate burn out, have more time to do things I currently cannot do, and/or have more time for myself, my friends and my family.
  5. Is it something I need to do to keep a close eye on it? (In the case of horses, feeding might be one example.)
  6. Also, am I financially secure enough to hire someone to work with me consistently without hurting me or my business?

In the early stages of most businesses it is important for you to learn to do everything. But as your business grows it’s just as important to let go of some things and allow other’s to take up the slack; giving you more time and energy to focus on the money-making side of things.

It’s also imperative  to let go of some things for our own sanity. When was the last time you took a week off without worrying about business? Years ago? Never?

I will admit, letting go CAN BE TOUGH. But the rewards are SO worth it! Find out if letting go of some of the Administrative tasks on your plate is the answer. Contact me today for a free One-on-One Fit and Strategy Session. There is no obligation what-so-ever. I would love to meet and talk to you!

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Why Hire an Administrative Consultant?

What are your big, long-term goals for your business? Could you get there faster, and with a clearer head, if you had someone who understands your goals, to take care of many administrative tasks for you? So many entrepreneurs believe that the best way to do things is to do it themselves. Then, when Overwhelm… Continue Reading